Happy Clients


Assistant Angel and her team have been blessed to work with many wonderful clients since 2009.  Angel and her team work with clients in various industries throughout the United States and Canada.

A large percentage of new business is from repeat clients and new referrals from overly-satisfied current clients.  Angel works hard to secure   trusting relationships with her clients.  Many clients continue working for years with Angel.

“Angel has passion, great communication skills and integrity”. ~ Geralin Thomas, Professional Organizer and Trainer

“I consider Angel a vital mparty of my social media markety strategy.  I highly recommend her”.  ~ Naomi Takeuchi, 1000 Cranes, LLC

Virtual Assistant Social Media Marketing

“An absolute perfect match for our advertising and social media needs”.                  ~ Todd Griffin, North Raleigh Family Eyecare

“Angel needs to be cloned….skills, style, work ethic, attitude and all”.              ~ Diane Moore, CEO  Striving For More, Inc.  (Childhood Cancer Support)

“I’ve been most impressed with her communication skills - she is an excellent communicator, being able to speak technically with me regarding details of each client while talking to vendors efficiently to get the information to the proper people. Clients have had positive reviews as well, describing Angel as friendly, professional and being on top of things, giving clients confidence their property and situation is being given the propert attention. I would highly recommend Angel for similar work”.                       ~ Amy Shair, ReMax Real Estate


 “Angel lives up to her name . . . literally and figuratively. She has been a blessing to work with and a blessing to know as a person. Because of her support, I am able to focus on bigger, bolder goals and know that someone is “minding the store”.                                         ~ Olalah Njenga, Owner, YellowWood Group


 “Angel Lebak has helped me a great deal in getting my social networking tweeked for Electric Beanz Coffee Bar. She has introduced me to new social media outlets that have led to many new social and professional relationships. Angel has also helped me tweek my on-line presence in an effort to receive more “Google love”! I highly recommend Angel’s virtual assistant services. Angel is sincere, professional and has a great personality. She is certain to bring any small business big results! Everyone needs an Angel! ”                                               ~Terri Voltz, Electric Beanz Coffee Bar


 “Angel is someone that anyone in business should get to know. She is knowledgeable and has such energy that you just can’t help but benefit from being around her. Her understanding of what a business owner needs is amazing and her abilitiy to train someone to become a high performing Virtual Assistant is remarkable!” ~ Tim Moore, Keynote Speaker Working with Generational Insights


“I love, love, love being able to have a brief conversation with Angel and then see it, whatever it happens to be at the time it gets fixed!” ~ Betsy Smith, E L Smith Consulting


 “She was always available with a cheery, willing to help attitude.  Her knowledge of social media and PR is exhaustively thorough.” ~ Catherine Shireman, Business Development and Fundraising Professional


Virtual Assistant Social Media

 Referral Business Owners


 “I have ZERO problem recommending to any of my clients or friends to hire Angel when it’s time to get their social media presence in shape and manageable. It’s been amazing to watch her clients transform from overworked business owners back to people living their passion because of the burdens she takes and places on her desk on their behalf. A positive, can-do attitude and finishing the work on time is just the icing on the cake!”                                    ~ Michelle Gower, GowerPower WordPress Solutions


 “Angel is great at helping people by alleviating tasks that keep them from being able to do what is important – engage with at serve their customers! She understands their challenges, understands social media, and most importantly she understands the value of helping people create the time to create better connections. She is a true go-giver who genuinely cares about those she serves and takes tremendous pride in the service that she offers.” ~ Heather O’Sullivan


Fellow Virtual Assistants and Marketing Consultants

 “Her attention to detail and versatile skill set makes her an amazing asset to anyone looking for a VA. Sharp, witty and did I mention…detail oriented? ~ Sharon Webb, the Langwood Group


✓ “Angel is the most proficient, talented, and loyal lady I know. She does what she says she will do and her reputation is spotless. You can never go wrong by contracting Angel and her skills.” ~ Colleen Gray, Real Estate Virtual Assistant


“I met Angel on Facebook and have watched her for a while, what she does, who she is. I was so impressed with her online presence, I decided to contact her. Wow, is my opinion of Angel. She has taken so much time to introduce me to her training program and in all honestly, I feel I will benefit greatly from this”. ~ Tammy Gravis, Social Media Manager


 “Angel Lebak is a well-known, highly respected, exemplary leader in the Virtual Assistant industry. She is passionate about helping her VA members by continuously offering us up-to-date tools, resources, and training materials, so we can succeed at our business. Angel’s efforts, motivation, and encouragement have invaluably contributed to my company’s success”.                                                  ~ Stacey Shanahan – VA Business Help


Angel Lebak, Owner www.AssistantAngel.com team of Social Media Managers and Virtual Assistants

Angel Lebak, Owner www.AssistantAngel.com team of Social Media Managers and Virtual Assistants