7 Tips for Creating Effective Social Media Marketing Plan

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7 Tips for Creating Effective Social Media Marketing Plan When beginning to prepare a social media marketing plan for your business, consider the 5 tips below for creating an effective marketing plan.  I always encourage clients to take it SLOWLY during this process.  It can be overwhelming because it requires you to view your business and your audience in a different perspective (than normal). Angel Tip:  Do 1 piece at a time until you … [Read more...]

Social Media News for Clients and 12 Management Tools to Save You Time

AssistantAngel - Social Media Management Success

AssistantAngel is celebrating its fourth year as a Virtual Assistant / Social Media Management company. We are very blessed to work with many amazing clients across the United States, Canada and world-wide. SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT ~ Back to Basics In looking back over the past four years, I am reminded at how “basic” social media can be at times. Often people ask me which social media tools I recommend and which tools I personally … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing: Slow and Steady Engagement Wins the Race

Slow and Steady Wins the Race - Social Media Engagement

I am convinced in this ever changing world of social media marketing, that the old saying "slow and steady wins the race" is very true. I remember the early days of my Virtual Assistant business, and most small business owners believed that we needed to "push" our message out on various platforms.  As social media exploded, those platforms were just another avenue to "post" your latest idea, blog or product for sale.  The social media … [Read more...]

Virtual Assistant Tip: 5 Steps to Build Quality Relationships

Business Connector Assistant Angel - Social Media Manager

I am in my third year of my Virtual Assistant Social Media business.  I am convinced more than ever of the power of positive relationships. As a Virtual Assistant, I have the pleasure of relating and engaging with MANY various types of business owners each week: Business Owners PR / Marketing Staff Website Developers Trainers Additional Contractors related with the Client's Business Beginner Virtual Assistants More! As … [Read more...]

Should EVERY Business Have a Facebook Fan Page?

I am frequently asked: "Should ALL businesses have a Facebook Fan Page?" That is a GREAT question! At our initial meeting with a potential client, I find many business owners want a Facebook Fan Page for the following reasons: 1) Everyone has one 2) It will be archived by Google 3) It is part of a larger marketing strategy I have encouraged clients, who are confused, to get a plan in place to determine how we can best help them. There … [Read more...]