I’m a VA – Now What? 7 Tips for Launching a Thriving Virtual Assistant Business

A Virtual Assistant business is a fabulous opportunity to offer specific skills to companies working remotely and on a contract basis.

Companies save money by not paying payroll taxes, office space, computers, health insurance, etc. Not to mention, the VA fees are a tax write off for the company at the end of the year.

Here are some questions to consider when considering if a Virtual Assistant or VA business is a good decision for you.

1) Niche – What kind of VA would you like to be? What are you very skilled at and what services do you enjoy offering to others? personal assistant, marketing, bookkeeping, social media, etc.

2) Own Business / Contract Work – Do you want your own VA Business or do you want to do contract work for another VA? Maybe you are not interested in going and meeting new people, but love to do the behind the scenes work. Connecting with VA’s who have teams of people, may be an opportunity for you to work for less money (than if you work directly for a client) however, it would be a consistent work flow.

3) Start Small – I recently heard a wise business owner say “the big is in the small” and I believe that is true. Take one client and do an incredible job for them. In this economy referrals are a HUGE part of your success.

4) Be Realistic – Know your time limitations and how much time you can truly devote to client work each week. Keep in mind to also add time for your networking, correspondence and personal development and training. When starting the business consider the time you have to invest in marketing and networking your OWN business. This will be vital to your success.

5) Business Network – I would go through your current network and let folks know what you are branching into and if they have any projects, etc. they need help with. Don’t be aggressive, just be yourself.  There is such a need for amazing, qualified VA’s that your reputation will precede you…TRUST ME!

Check for your local networking community for networking opportunities.  Many VA’s I know utilize:  BNI, Meetup, Toastmasters and ComeOnInside

6) Resources I offer a free VA Toolbox on my website. This is for new VA’s who are getting started and can save time with some of the free online tools I have utilized successfully for myself and my team.

7) Link Arms with Other VAs – Without a question, having smart VAs in the LOCAL area is such a blessing! I reach out and often refer business to many of the VA’s in our local VA networking group. They are top notch in their industry, and I value and respect their opinions very much.  I also have a free Virtual Assistant Training Network membership site with tips, groups and platforms for engaging with other Virtual Assistants around the world.

8) LOVE what you do! I LOVE being able to help a busy professional with their social media plans and implementation. When I can see a client “exhale” and not have to worry because my team and I are managing tasks, allowing them to be “social in social media”.  That is very powerful and encouraging to me.

A Virtual Assistant business is an amazing opportunity, and a great deal of work, but the rewards of helping companies behind the scenes is truly amazing!  This community is incredibly supportive of our amazing VA’s in the area, and I am truly grateful.


If you need more skills to build your Virtual Assistant business feel free to join our FREE Virtual Assistant Training Network membership site.  I am constantly updating the website with current virtual assistant training trends, tips and ideas.  I have also recently added a Virtual Assistant Jobs Board to help those who are looking for work as a VA.

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