Virtual Assistant Jobs for the Beginner VA

“I want to be a Virtual Assistant, but where do I find WORK?”

That is a fabulous question and I am happy to offer some suggestions that have helped myself, my team and other Virtual Assistants I mentor throughout the country.

A virtual assistant is beyond a telecommuting job.  It is serving the needs of your client as a member of their team:  admin, marketing, social media, bookkeeping, etc. online and often off site of the company.  As a business owner, there are many benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant.

LOCAL – for any Beginner Virtual Assistant, this is a great place to start.  (It is how I started my business).  Set up an impressive profile and begin to relate (NOT SPAM) the business owners on the network. One of my clients recommended me to this site, and it has been the lifeline for my business for over 2 years.

Referrals are a HUGE SOURCE of your business, so often it only takes a couple of raving clients to truly get your Virtual Assistant business off the ground.

Here is an example of the profile from my area:  Inside919 You meet online to connect offline.  It encourages local business and strong relationships. – this amazing organization is run by Garla Smith.  She works with unemployed women and connects them with small business owners looking for assistance. Garla runs a top notch operation here.  Before I got VA clients, this was one of the first sites I investigated.

ONLINE – you have to have specific equipment to take part in any of their jobs, headset, camera, etc. – Elance is a great site for freelance business owners, and there are many opportunities for virtual assistants here. – Odesk is very similar to Elance and Guru, in that a powerful profile will be the key to your success. – Do your due diligence and determine what skills and locations you are willing to work from.

LinkedIn Groups – this is a Virtual Assistant LinkedIn Group that sometimes posts jobs available. – If your skill is in Social Media, Mashable is the place to find a great job.  Please Note:  there will be great competition here, so be prepared.  It is an amazing platform if you qualify.


If you need more skills to qualify for some of the jobs posted here, feel free to join our FREE Virtual Assistant Training Network membership site.  I am constantly updating the website with current virtual assistant training trends, tips and ideas.  I have also recently added a Virtual Assistant Jobs Board to help those who are looking for work as a VA.

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