Virtual Assistant Tip: 5 Steps to Build Quality Relationships

I am in my third year of my Virtual Assistant Social Media business.  I am convinced more than ever of the power of positive relationships.

As a Virtual Assistant, I have the pleasure of relating and engaging with MANY various types of business owners each week:

  • Business Owners
  • PR / Marketing Staff
  • Website Developers
  • Trainers
  • Additional Contractors related with the Client’s Business
  • Beginner Virtual Assistants
  • More!

As the economy slowly changes, the one constant I see is the power of relationships.

Here are 5 Steps to Build Quality Relationships when engaging in the relationships with your business and your client’s business support needs.

1.  Less is More –  Listen more than you talk when engaging with fellow business relationships (for yourself and your client).  I listen to what my clients’ needs are, and when I speak with one of their vendors directly, I make sure that I listen to ensure that the vendor and my client are on the “same page”.

If someone ASKS my professional opinion, I give it, honestly.

2.  Engage Authentically – Be sure to engage positively with all members of a client’s team.  It is important that you are authentic when you engage with your client, their connections, vendors, etc.

  • If you genuinely like a post click “like” or “share”.
  • Stay business professional (not too much personal interaction)
  • Use common courtesy, say “please” and “thank you”.
  • Publicly say THANK YOU – on various social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, ComeOnInside, etc.)

3.  Have Your Clients Back – Plan AheadWithout a question, the days when I smile from ear to ear is when a client out of the blue says “thanks for having my back”.  As a Virtual Assistant Social Media Manager, my job is to ensure consistency of information so that the client has the freedom to engage and relate as they do best.

4.  Excellence – It is imperative that you offer excellent service to your clients (and their team members).  Remember, every person  you touch is a potential referral source!  I get a lot of business from third party vendors I may have engaged with one time for a particular client.  I do an outstanding job and go the extra mile to make sure the client’s reputation is in tact and the project is done well.

5. Become a Connector – If you are not a perfect fit for someone, be honest.  If you can’t help someone, try to offer a solution that will help them.  It does take a bit of time to sometimes find an alternative fit for a potential client, but I want to make sure that client is taken care of.  If they took the time to reach out and call me (often after researching for a while) I want to do what I can to help them fulfill that need.

How About You? Is there another tip that you utilize in building quality relationship with business owners that you touch in your Virtual Assistant business?

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