Virtual Assistant Tip: Touch It Only Once

“One always has time enough, if one will apply it well.” ~ – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

One of the most important skills a Virtual Assistant, Personal Assistant or Administrative Professional will need to fully grasp is time management. Keeping yourself, your email, your calendar AND your clients organized is vital to the success of your VA business.

Without a question the process of: Touch It Only Once has been an immense time saver for me.

Here are some areas of my business where I challenge myself to “Touch It Only Once”.

1. Emails – Touch the Email Only Once (file the email, forward, delete, or use it in the future).

Ninja Tip: FollowUpThen ( This program allows you to get a reminder message to do something.  For example, if I promised a client I will follow up in 3 days, I can bcc: in the email, and I will get my original email AND a reminder in 3 days in my email inbox.  This is a free tool and a HUGE time saver!

2. To Do Tasks – Touch the Task Only Once (pre-schedule work time helps with this)

3. Phone Calls – Touch the Phone Calls at Once (schedule or return phone calls at pre-set times)

4. Client Schedule – Plan Ahead to serve one Client at One Time for a block of period (i.e. 2 hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday) is for this client.  Focus on that client file for increased productivity.

5.  Piggy Back Meetings – Touch the “Meeting Place” Only Once.  It is always a wise use of our time to plan a one-on-one meeting before of after a networking event, for example.  You are at one location, but serving many purposes.  Many of us do this with the Inside919 Big Lunch, Final Friday and Tuesday Coffee Breaks.  This is a GREAT use of our time!

6. Meeting Notes – Touch the Meeting Notes Only Once.  After I return from a meeting, I go thru my notebook and then add the notes to the appropriate file, folder, master binder, etc. so I can easily find the information in the future.

7. Business Cards – Touch the Business Card Only Once.  If I have someone’s business card, I have usually asked for it, I take one business card at a time and respond accordingly.

Did I promise to email them information?  Did I offer to connect them with someone who can help them?  Did they inquire about my services?

Business Buffers – Obviously, life and business happen.  You always have to have a buffer in your schedule.  But by challenging yourself to “Touch It Only Once” you may get better use of the time you have.

Did you find these virtual assistant tips helpful?  Is there any other areas in your business that can apply to: Touch It Only Once?




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