AssistantAngel is a resource for small and medium sized businesses and also a training resource for Virtual Assistants. AssistantAngel is able to serve your business in many ways:  social media planning, social media implementation and engagement, current updates on latest social media trends, consulting, training, mentoring, managing and/or offer Social Media Marketing services for you and your team.

Social Media Planning & Strategy

Profile Setup and Interaction Initiation.  It is MORE than setting up a Profile Page, it is utilizing the RIGHT Social Media Tools for the RIGHT results of your desired marketing goals.

We craft social media packages to fit your specific social media marketing needs.

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube Channels
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Social Media Management & Monitoring

What is working with your Social Media plan?     What is not working?     Is your Message being received by the right audience?

  • Reviewing Feedback / Comments needed on your sites
  • Monitor the Web and social networks for discussions, blogs, or articles that would be resourceful and/or beneficial for you to participate in
  • SEO and Keywords in vital parts of the online social media marketing
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Reputation Management (Online Reputation Management)

With all of the recent changes with Google, there is no question that consistent review of your Online Reputation Management is another part of a successful online social media marketing campaign.

  • Online Reputation Management Review
  • Feedback Response to Reviews as per Client Request
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Virtual Business Manager

AssistantAngel serves as the “liason” between the Business Owner and the Virtual Assistant or administrative team.  This is a cost effective way for companies to ensure that their VA team is getting the results that are needed with specific tasks and goals for the VA team.  AssistantAngel serves as a consult with this service and does not do any of the work, however, Angel will train the VAs and if there is something that needs to be addressed they will learn what brings better results for the business.

  • Implementation of your Social Media and/or Marketing Plans
  • Communication and Follow Up with the Virtual Assistants and Admin team
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Training / Coaching for Small Business or Virtual Assistants

Sometimes it’s not enough to learn “what” you need to do. You need a social media professional to help with the specific steps that are needed.  Whether it’s one-on-one training for a small business or corporate training for the entire firm, AssistantAngel has a heart to help.

  • One-on-One or team Social Media training is available for you and your business.
  • On-site and online training available by Angel
  • Corporate Rates available

Help for Virtual Assistants…Angel trains OTHER Virtual Assistants throughout the United States so they are able to live their dream and serve the right client’s virtual assistant needs.

  • Virtual Assistant Coaching available
  • Training Available online and via phone
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AssistantAngel does NOT accept Friend Requests or reply to your posts for you.  We believe it is VITAL for your success that you remain “Social in Social Media.”

Angel Lebak, Owner team of Social Media Managers and Virtual Assistants

Angel Lebak, Owner team of Social Media Managers and Virtual Assistants